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Carports, Pergolas, Verandahs, Decking, Roller Shutters

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Welcome to Think Home Improvements



 What We Do 

Roller Shutters

Do you want to keep out the sun’s heat or the winters’ bitter cold, or maybe minimise outside noise or keep stray cricket balls at bay? Th!nk roller shutters are your perfect window solution.

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 Café Blinds

Th!nks Aura Café Blinds are the ultimate solution in outdoor blinds. Our Aura Cafe Blinds allow you to stylishly integrate your outdoor and indoor entertaining areas. The Aura Cafe Blinds are suitable...

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Artificial Lawn

Australian Lawn Wholesalers is Th!nk’s preferred synthetic lawn supplier. ALW distribute to much of Australia including Adelaide, Sydney, Bendigo, Ballarat, Newcastle, Wollongong...

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Whether it’s a small intimate area for two, an outdoor area for the growing family or the ultimate entertainer, Think Home Improvements can design and build your dream. 

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At Th!nk, we specialise and install high-quality carports in the Adelaide area. A quality carport will increase your home’s value and protect your vehicle from weather, damage and break-ins.

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At Think Home Improvements, we specialise in and build high-quality outdoor entertaining areas, not just ‘any old verandah’. Your outdoor entertaining area will not only increase your home’s...

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Decking is the ideal solution for uneven or sloping ground. Unlike paving or concreting, there is no need to retain and move earth to create a level surface. All sub-frames are engineered...

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Garage Makeovers

Completely transform your garage and free up space you never knew you had with our revolutionary storage system. We can custom design a storage solution for your garage using...

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At Think Home Improvements we do everything to make your home amazing. We know how personal it is to make changes to your home and that’s why we will make it the smoothest and friendliest experience.


We pride ourselves in being highly competitive, offering high standards of service through our highly trained, field representatives and customer service personnel, quality workmanship and value for money.


From your initial inquiry, to our free no obligation design consultation through to the final quote we’ll guide you through every step. We will ensure that the contract is delivered on time, all within budget ensuring that the finished project is to your exact requirement.


We have a strong leadership system with a mix of directors with backgrounds in Finance, Accounting, Business and Home Improvements ensuring we provide a secure well funded and managed company and we are here for the long term.


Think Home Improvements will help you create the picture perfect dream for your home starting with:

  • Carports
  • Verandahs
  • Pergolas
  • Roller Shutters
  • Decking
  • Artificial Turf
  • Café Blinds

And So Much More!


We are family owned and operated with personalised old fashioned values but the support and backing of a large organisation.


For an a free no obligation chat simply pick up the phone and call: 1300 582 000

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We are a family owned and operated company and a brand that you can trust.

For an a free no obligation chat simply pick up the phone and call: 1300 582 000 or click the button below.