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Benefits of Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn has grown in popularity as a fantastic landscaping alternative because of its little to no maintenance requirements. The latest artificial turf looks so realistic; you’ll find yourself asking if it’s fake or the real thing?

Not much of a green thumb? Finding yourself permanently attached to the hose, especially throughout the hot Australian Summers, considering making the change to artificial turf may be the solution you’ve been looking for. To make the choice a little easier, our experts have listed a few of the great reasons synthetic grass is a fantastic landscaping alternative for your property.

Care and Maintenance

Lawn requires serious upkeep. Mowing, watering, fertilising and raking are all time-consuming activities and need to be done regularly to upkeep a green healthy lawn.

With artificial lawn, you can claim back your weekends say goodbye to the regular maintenance. Not only will you never have to use your lawn mower again, but you can also forget everything that goes along with it. No more fertilising, top dressing or watering needed, while also eliminating the risk of attracting unwanted pests. If your artificial lawn does happen to get dirty clean-up is as easy as rinsing it down with a quick squirt from the hose, reducing the dirt and debris otherwise brought into your home. Meaning you can spend more time enjoying your new lawn and outdoor space.

Look and Feel

A common query we often get asked regards the look and feel of an artificial lawn. Artificial lawns today are manufactured to incorporate multi-coloured blades into their grass, which in turn creates a natural, realistic look. While the feel may be different to that of natural grass, our high-quality alternatives are soft on the feet and prove comfortable to walk, run and play on.

Save time and Money

Artificial lawns are a fantastic way to ensure that the focal point of your property’s landscaping is visually appealing all year round. Whether you currently maintain your lawn yourself or hire a professional, by eliminating the need for watering, fertilising or reseeding, you’ll save yourself significant costs straight away.

Safe for The Entire Family

There’s no need to use harmful pesticides, weed killers, fertilisers and other nasties as you would on a natural lawn, artificial lawns prove to be perfect for children and household pets.

There you have it, benefits that speak for themselves, what’s not to love about synthetic lawn? If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the helpful team at Think Home Improvements.

We are a proud family owned and operated Australian business; our belief in our products is so strong that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. Just imagine the benefit to your lifestyle having a beautiful, lush lawn all year round.
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