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Can roller shutters save me energy?

With the price of electricity rising around Australia and energy bills going through the roof, any potential reductions in energy costs are sought after by homeowners. Many people around Adelaide are installing roller shutters in their homes and taking advantage of the significant savings can be achieved through reducing their energy consumption. 


Energy Efficiency 

Roller shutters are an important step in making your home more energy efficient and will enable you to achieve long-term cost savings well beyond the initial outlay Their strong insulative qualities that means that less energy is required to maintain the temperature within your home or business. A polyurethane foam inside the aluminium slats insulates your home by trapping in heat or in the Summer, blocking the harsh sun from penetrating your windows. This reduces your reliance on the air conditioner and enables you to maintain a comfortable climate inside whilst achieving a significant reduction in your energy bill. 


When a house has multiple windows exposed to direct sunlight, you need to constantly run cooling throughout the day. This exposure can have a glass house effect as radiating heat dramatically raises the core temperature of the home. Roller shutters will shield the sunlight, creating a visible barrier and giving you complete control over the temperature of your home for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning and other means. 


Stay Warm in Winter

In Winter, the bitter outside temperature can seep through windows and rapidly decrease the temperature of the house. Without adequate cover, gas heaters and central heating have to run overtime to maintain the inside temperature. Installing roller shutters will prevent this heat loss, enabling you to keep a constant temperature inside and minimise the use of heaters and air conditioning. 


The cold air from outdoors will not be able to penetrate the windows and effect the inside temperature; the heat inside will be trapped inside. This flexibility and control over your environment enables you to maintain steady core temperature in your home and more importantly, enables you to reduce energy consumption and bills. 


Energy Savings

Some studies have shown that by using roller shutters, your quarterly energy bills can drop by as much as 30%. For a larger home, this could mean hundreds of dollars saved over the course of a year. While there is an upfront investment, the use of roller shutters provides significant energy savings for heating and cooling, reducing energy bills for consumers. They provide an environmentally friendly & energy-saving solution to heat loss in winter and heat gains in Summer.


Roller shutters are a smart addition to your home. They are an affordable and sustainable solution for maintaining the temperature of your home, reducing the reliance on heaters and air conditioners, allowing you to make dramatic savings on your energy bills well beyond the initial outlay.