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How long does it take to install roller shutters?

Like any home renovation or alteration, time, cost and disruption are always a consideration. Roller shutters are a smart solution for your Adelaide home, offering a number of benefits such as energy efficiency, cost-savings and security but time for installation will always be factored into the decision. 


In short, the installation of roller shutters isn't a time-consuming process. However, there are a few factors that contribute to the time required to complete the project such as the number of shutters required, complexity, automation and the size of the area. As a starting point, it is important to use an experienced, reputable company  to recommend the right solution to suit your needs and measure and check correctly to ensure a streamlined installation process without complications. 


For a small to medium sized project, the installation should be completed in no longer that a day. Installers can mount a single roller shutter and can be in and out of a home quickly with minimal interruption. Some roller shutters are easier to install  than others, multiple shutters or a full home can obviously push out the installation time further. 


Roller shutter installation can be complicated, depending on the level of automation required. Manual, battery-powered and electric options are all available. For electric roller shutters, an electrician will have to wire them for you this can push out installation time. Seasonal factors and demand can also be a contributing factor, just before Summer is a busy period, it pays to be pro-active and plan well in advance. 


Compared to a majority of home improvement projects, the installation of roller shutters is relatively quick. This makes installing roller shutters are a smart solution for your home, especially given the immediate effects on energy-efficiency. Smaller project job can be completed in a single day, and larger projects are still completed in less time than other home improvement options.