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Maintenance Tips for Artificial Grass

One of the many attractive qualities of artificial turf is the low maintenance required in comparison to that of natural grass.

Never again will you have to give up your weekend, watering, mowing or fertilising your lawn, all the while, having a beautiful looking outdoor space all year round. However, in order to ensure that your lawn stays looking as good as the day it was laid, you’ll need to perform some regular maintenance. Below we’ve listed our top tips to help keep your synthetic lawn in the best shape possible.


How to Clean and Maintain your Artificial Lawn

The frequency of the maintenance required for your artificial turf will largely depend on your home’s situation. For example, children, pets and a significant amount of foliage in your garden, may require you to clean your lawn more often.
The environment around your home will also be a factor, as dustier and windy regions often require you to hose your lawn more often.


General Maintenance

Most homeowners will clean their grass with a nothing more than a quick hose down to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated. However, this is not always required.
We recommend that a thorough cleaning to be undertaken monthly to help keep your lawn green, clean and inviting all year round.

Alternatively, you can remove debris and dirt with a stiff bristled broom and a flexible lawn rake. When choosing a broom for lawn maintenance, ensure that you stay away from steel bristles as they can prove to be damaging to artificial lawn.

Going over the lawn with a rake or brush is an efficient way to maintain the artificial grass blades in an upright position and prevent the lawns infill from compacting. Keep in mind that this level of maintenance may need to be done more often if you have pets or a lot of shrubs that lose their leaves.


Removing Pet Waste from Your Artificial Lawn

Artificial turf is a great option for people with pets, a simple wash down with your garden hose will eliminate any mess. Keeping the area odour free is simple with a range of products available, meaning treatment is quick and easy!

If you’re looking for the experts in service, advice and installation in all things artificial turf, the team at Think Home Improvements are the best of the best. One of our specialists can work with you to create a lawn solution that’s best for you. Give the team a call today!