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At Think Home Improvements, we specialise in and build high-quality outdoor entertaining areas, not just ‘any old pergola’. Your outdoor entertaining area will not only increase your home’s value but offer you an outdoor living lifestyle that will be the envy of your neighbour’s and friends. If you take pride in your home and want some space to relax and enjoy yourself, a pergola from Th!nk could be the perfect solution.

Whether it’s a small intimate area for two, an outdoor area for the growing family or the ultimate entertainer, Think Home Improvements can design and build your dream. Let us help you live outdoors all year round. A pergola perfect when you’re wanting to accommodate guests – no matter what the weather is doing. With a beautiful, reliable pergola from Think Home Improvements, you’ll not only enlarge your living space but add incredible value and beauty to your property. 


Currently only available in SA.



What Benefits Do Our Pergolas Offer?

The perfect outdoor retreat with the strategically placed portable gas heater for winter or the ceiling fan for summer to the perfectly placed lights that enhance the mood, it all leads to an enviable lifestyle.


As there are no hard and fast rules about sizes and shapes, we customize our pergolas to suit your home’s design and aesthetic appeal. You can choose a Colorbond pergola in Adelaide  for a sleek, modern appearance or you can opt for a timber pergola that will provide a more natural look and feel. No matter the material, you can rest assured that your pergola will remain durable for many years to come.



Let Our Team Help

At Think Home Improvements, we provide unbiased advice for your home improvement project. We’ll take your location, the weather, your budget and preferred style into account when we recommend a design and build for your pergola.


Once you’ve finalised the pergola design and structure we’ll take care of the process to ensure smooth and efficient construction. We’ll arrange the council and planning approval together will the appropriate paperwork before we commence your installation.


To learn more call 1300 58 2000. We’ll gladly discuss your options, and we’ll even provide you with a free consultation, project measurement and proposal.





Timber or Colorbond Construction, which one better suits your needs? Colorbond pergolas:


Colorbond Pergolas:

  • A modern look better suited for modern architecture which offers clean, crisp lines.
  • Largely maintenance free and never requires painting
  • Will never rot or decay
  • An engineered structure that can generally span greater distances
  • Colorbond provides an open feel with minimal clutter

Timber Pergolas:

  • The flexibility of timber allows for many design options to suit most homes
  • Timber provides a character rarely achieved with steel structures
  • Traditional rustic look
  • Environmentally friendly and derived from plantation forests
  • Unlike Colorbond, you can chose to paint or stain in any color, including retaining the timber look

Our Process

  • Concept and design done in home – from the initial inquiry to the final design, you will find your Th!nk Design Consultant has many ideas and designs to suit almost any application. We take the time to discuss the options with you to ensure that all your needs are met, after all your pergola is not ‘just a pergola’.
  • COMPREHENSIVE UNBIASED advice – unlike most builders who specialise in just timber or steel, at Th!nk we do them both. We will review your needs and objectives and provide unbiased advice on the type of structure that is”best for you”, not “what’s best for us”, because that is all we offer. Get the unbiased recommendations and facts on colorbond versus timber from someone who specialises in both.
  • Individually designed to best suit YOUR needs – not every home is the same, so neither are our recommendations or designs. Often it’s the unasked questions which are the most important when it comes to designing the perfect structure for you. How do you want to use the area? Where would you like the outdoor setting? How big will the outdoor setting be? If your builder doesn’t care enough to ask these questions while designing your new pergola, then maybe you need to think about someone who does?
  • We take care of EVERYTHING – from the time you place the order to the completion of the project, Th!nk will take care of it all. Leave the drawings, engineering, council approvals and certifications to us, we’ve got it under control.
  • Personalised Service – to ensure a smooth build process, Th!nk will allocate your own Project Manager to oversee and coordinate the project from council approval to successful completion.
  • Quality workmanship – no need to be concerned about shoddy workmanship as we only use fully licensed and qualified builders to erect our structures. Old fashioned trades people who build to a standard with customer services values that match ours, which ensures your total satisfaction on completion. No local ‘handyman’ and no ‘cowboys’ means a professional build, with no worries.
  • A truly hassle free building experience from the initial in-home design consultation to cracking the first beer or bottle of wine under the new pergola which will provide many years of outdoor entertaining.




Key Benefits



Whether it's Colorbond and Timber that you prefer, we will provide you with unbiased advice on which structure best suits you and your home.



Be the envy of your friends and relatives by increasing the value and livability of your biggest asset with a custom designed pergola.





Your new outdoor area means that you can sit and relax, cook a BBQ or the kids can play outdoors regardless of what the weather is doing. Rain, hail or shine, it’s always great to be outdoors under your pergola




Stop the weather from taking control of your lifestyle. Enjoy life outside in your new extended living space.




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