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Roller Shutters



Do you want to keep out the sun’s heat or the winters’ bitter cold, or maybe minimise outside noise or keep stray cricket balls at bay?


Th!nk roller shutters in Adelaide are your perfect window solution. Th!nk Roller Shutters are lightweight, yet extremely strong and will protect your premises against intruders, stray objects and the elements while offering complete privacy.


In summer, enjoy the comforts of protection from harsh UV rays and be insulated in winter against heat loss. Th!nk roller shutters also provide considerable light & noise reduction which means they are ideal for shift workers.




Roller Shutters provide protection and peace of mind for your whole family as well as providing you with a multi-functional product that offers true value for money.


The curtain area consists of an aluminum slat injected with (CFC free) polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities.


Roller Shutters are sometimes referred to as security roller shutters due to their common use as a security deterrent to would-be burglars.



Colour Range

With a wide range of colours to suit every home and taste. We offer a modern externsive range of colours White, Grey, Cream, Sand, Beige, Heritage Red, Heritage Green, Brown, Black, Woodland Grey and Deep Ocean Blue.



Controller Range

Roller Shutters with the use of our ergonomic controllers are easily operated from inside your home. Th!nk offer a selection of roller shutter operation methods including manual coilers or winders, battery operated, solar operated and electronic controls ranging from wall controls to remote controls systems.


Strap and Winder Systems

A hand operated pulley or winder box and handle system easily enables small shutters to be opened and closed from the inside.

Rechargeable Battery Drive System

A cost effective battery operated rechargeable controller that is not reliant on your mains power. This avoids the unsightly strap of manual systems. An ideal choice for safety and security as the operation is not reliant on mains power and can be operated even if mains power is lost, vital if you live in a bush-fire zone.



Leading technology tubular motors can substantially improve the performance of the roller shutter operation, especially for larger rollers shutters. Th!nk roller shutters offer a range of 240v motors with easy switch or remote controlled operation of your roller shutters from inside your home.


Motor Control Options

Th!nk offer a wide range of control options with our motorised range including wall and key switches or remote controls. Inquire today.



Key Benefits

 Here's a couple of reasons why we think you'll love this product,

and why it's a perfect match for improving your home.




Installed by fully qualified licensed trades people for the highest quality craftsmanship.



Roller shutters present an immediate visible deterrent and a physical barrier against forced intrusion, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism.




Fully insulated and fitted to the outside of your home, they will reduce your heating and cooling requirements and potentially reduce your annual energy bills by up to 30%.



Th!nk’s CSIRO tested roller shutters offer maximum protection of your home from ultra violet light, wind, hail, driving rain, vandalism & peak bush-fire exposure.




Work shifts and can't sleep during the day? Or just like to sleep in? At last, you can enjoy a restful sleep during the day. Our roller shutters will darken your bedroom to allow you to sleep at any time. Plus no more fading floors and furniture due to harsh sunlight and even better TV viewing.



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Roller Shutters

Do you want to keep out the sun’s heat or the winters’ bitter cold, or maybe minimise outside noise or keep stray cricket balls at bay? Th!nk roller shutters are your perfect window solution.

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