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Tips on How to Maintain a Timber Deck

Timber decking can provide your property with a seamless connection to the outdoors, increase your property appeal and provide you and your family with a fantastic space to enjoy the outdoors. However as durable timber decks can be, they are exposed to the elements and a significant amount of wear and tear. After a few years, they are susceptible to becoming weathered and uninviting without the proper maintenance.

We’ve listed our expert tips for ensuring that your timber deck stays beautiful all year round!

Washing Your Deck

Firstly, remove everything from the deck, your barbeque, pot plants, furniture any other external items.
Giving your deck a high-pressure wash down once a year is a great way to get your deck looking fantastic ready for the warmer weather.
We recommend using a leaf blower or broom to remove any cobwebs, dust, leaves and other debris from the deck before washing.
Next, using a deck cleaner or detergent and a stiff bristle brush broom, thoroughly scrub along the wood grain, removing any built up material, mould or mildew. Work in small areas at a time and frequently rinse with water.

Remove Old Finishes

If you’re finding that your deck is flaking, peeling and oxidised, the best thing to do is remove it with a deck finish stripper.
Before applying the stripper, it is important to protect the surrounding surfaces with plastic sheeting. Once stripper has been applied do not leave on longer than the recommended time frame and remove with a pressure cleaner if possible.

Stain and Discolouration Removal

Over time your decking can lose the gleam it once had as the sun’s UV rays break down the timber structure. If you’re finding that your deck has adopted a grey colour, try using a non-chlorine oxygenated bleach to remove any mould and mildew stains.
Inspect for Rotten Timber

Just about any type of timber can rot if it is exposed to moisture enough. Be sure to take the time to inspect for rotten boards.
If any rot is less than half an inch deep, the board can be left in place. Any more and you should be replacing with rot resistant timber.

Finishing Your Deck

After you have successfully cleaned your Timber deck, be sure to give it adequate time to dry out before applying a finisher. Your chosen finish should contain be oil-based to prevent moisture from soaking in. Additionally, should have UV blockers or pigment to keep your timber from turning the deck.

For all your timber decking needs be sure to get in contact with the team at Think Home Improvements today!