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Why are Pergolas so Popular in Adelaide?

There are many reasons why more and more people across Adelaide are choosing to increase their outdoor living space with a pergola. From weather protection, to the need for a larger living space, the benefits are numerous. 


Protection from the Weather 

Whether the sun is blaring or the rain is pouring, a pergola will provide a functional outdoor area  for any season so you’ll always be covered. In Adelaide’s blistering heat over Summer a pergola will not only provide shade but also provide an additional barrier for your home. In Winter, pergolas can be semi-enclosed to shelter you from the wind and rain. Add a gas heater and an outdoor lounge you can still enjoy the outdoors, whilst being comfortable and warm. 



In Australia, we love spending time outdoors and a pergola will create a beautiful space to entertain family and friends. Whether it be the extended family over for Christmas or a 21st birthday party, a pergola will extend your available living space and add a new dimension to your home. Enjoy a meal with the family on a balmy summer’s evening, or just relax while watching the kids play in the backyard. Either way, a pergola is the perfect option


Extend Your Living Space 

A well-designed pergola will enable you to enjoy functional indoor-outdoor living throughout the year and make the most of the Australian climate. A versatile outdoor area that complements your existing home and seamlessly transitions to the outdoors will add real to appeal to your living space and home. Whether it be for entertaining family, creating an area for the kids to play or just reading a book, a pergola is a valuable addition to your home that you will enjoy for years to come. 


Design Options 

With a range of styles, finishes and materials available, a pergola can be designed to be a seamless extension of your home and tie in with its existing architecture. Plans can be customised to suit your home’s features and structure to make it a more integrated outdoor area that complements the existing space. A well-designed pergola will not only have aesthetic appeal but will also add real value. 


Add Value to Your Home 

Outdoor entertaining is part of Australian culture and many homebuyers are looking for a versatile outdoor space. A pergola can add a new dimension to your home, extending your available living space and options. A functional multi-use area is that can be utilised for a range of activities is of huge appeal to prospective home buyers. Whether it be timber or steel construction, a large entertainment area or just a small intimate space, a pergola is a valuable addition to your home. 



A large-scale entertaining area for the whole family or even a small intimate pergola can provide barrier between you’re your home and adjoining properties, especially if your neighbours have a two-storey home or build close to the edge of your block. Cafe blinds can be added or screens installed enclose the area and provide complete privacy, blocking out nosey neighbours and noise. In South Australia, outdoor living is part of our lifestyle and having a functional outdoor space is a real appeal to home-owners. Whether it’s having friends over for a BBQ for just relaxing with the family, pergolas are growing in popularity. The benefits of adding a pergola are numerous, it will be smart addition your home that will add value and provide enjoyment for years to come.