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Will a Pergola add value to my home?

When deciding as to whether you should add a pergola to your house, a question homeowners ask themselves is ‘will it increase the value to my home?’ In short, when a pergola is designed, built, and maintained effectively, the addition can add immense value to the property.


Selling your home

Having a beautiful outdoor area to entertain guests is a HUGE selling point. Outdoor entertaining  is part of Australian culture and many home buyers are looking for a functional outdoor space. It may be a BBQ with friends or spending quality time with the growing family. By add a pergola to your home, you will not only create a living space that can be utilised year-round, but you are also making a future investment in the value of the home if you ever decide to sell. 


Size and Versatility

Regardless of size, a pergola is of great appeal to prospective buyers. For some families, a larger space will aid in their decision to buy, and to others, the smaller, more intimate entertaining area is the solution. Regardless, there is greater value in any design concept for a beautiful outdoor entertaining space. 


A pergola’s versatility is another contributing factor to the overall value of a home. When an area in a house on the market can be used for multiple purposes, it becomes more appealing to the market. A pergola can be utilised for everything from an outdoor kitchen, lounge, dining space, or even another living room with a TV and couches. A functional multi-use outdoor space is a key consideration for a prospective buyer when considering a new home. 


Finishes and Design

With a range of finishes and design options, a new pergola can seamlessly match the existing design and architecture of the home, making a more integrated outdoor area that completes the space. When a pergola is designed and built, the current framework of the home will be thoroughly taken into consideration, meaning that the new space will be made in cohesion with the existing home, contributing to a comprehensive final product. Alternatively, the pergola can also become the home’s main feature, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor areas and increasing value. 


Put simply, increasing your outdoor living space will add another dimension to your home. In Australia, we love the outdoors, a new pergola will become a valuable addition to your home that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Whether it be new home buyers with a large family, or a retired couple looking for something simple, they will love to see an entertaining outdoor area when considering purchasing your home. If you’re looking to add this space to your property in preparation for sale, another consideration may be the time frame in which this kind of extension can be completed.